Houten keuken oock maatwerk interieurs oak

Houten keuken oock maatwerk interieurs oak

woensdag 25 april 2012

Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the walls above your kitchen sink, stove and counter from being damaged by cooking-related activities, as water, grease and food stains can mar the walls. However, backsplashes can serve a decorative purpose as well. Many homeowners use their backsplashes to accent their existing kitchen decor, choosing materials and patterns that highlight and frame their kitchen's architectural features and fixtures. When selecting a backsplash, don't forget its functional purpose--pick one made from durable, stain-resistant materials.

Metal Backsplashes
The traditional choice for professional cooking facilities, stainless backsplashes clean easily, resist wear and tear well, effortlessly repel water and look chicly modern. A tin or stainless steel backsplash will last for years. Now days the trend is to personalize your metal backsplash by choosing metal tiles that have been stamped or imprinted with a decorative pattern.

Tiled Backsplashes
Tiled backsplashes appear in the majority of home kitchens, for good reason. Whether made from glass, ceramic or other materials, glazed backsplash tiles can be maintained and kept immaculate with little effort. They also offer a multitude of design possibilities, as they come in hundreds of colors and can be placed in virtually any pattern. Those days you can also order via internet tiles with any print or a photo.

The image above is an example of a tiled backsplash with a print on the tiles - cutom made kitchen by OOCK (keuken op maat by OOCK)

Marble Backsplashes
A marble backsplash adds instant elegance to any kitchen. White marble pairs well with white or pale green kitchens; however, marble can be found in many shades. Older marble can be "recycled" for backsplash use; this option works well if you want your kitchen to be ecologically friendly. Since marble can be expensive, a practical option might be to use it only in some areas, using a less expensive stone to cover the rest of your backsplash.

Bamboo Backsplashes
Bamboo makes an excellent backsplash material, as this wood has exceptional hardness. This material also has ecologically friendly qualities, as bamboo grows very quickly and so is a highly renewable resource. Bamboo backsplashes complement natural or earthy kitchen styles.

Glass Backsplashes
Glass is a great choice because it can be tailor made to suit your own unique tastes and ideas. Whether you decide to go with one large sheet, a combination of tiles or textured blocks, the possibilities are endless. Glass is also available in a huge range of innovative shapes, sizes, colors, designs and textures. Glass mosaic is becomes also a popular choice.

Painted Backsplashes
The paint industry is progressing fast with the improvements and there are several paints that can be successfully used to create a backsplash. One of the ideas is to use an acrylic paint, stencil patterns and motifs directly onto the wall and then seal it with polyurethane. You can also paint tile patterns or fill this area in with a solid accent color. Frame your faux backsplash with thin strips of molding for a polished effect.

By Marta & OOCK

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